Prepared from Scratch

We get whole foods, whole veggies and fresh produce delivered regularly to our store. Every aspect of your meal, from the sauces and dressing to the freshly baked bread used in the sandwiches is made by us from scratch. We even make some of our own cheeses. Our team slices, dices, roasts, bakes and blends in store everyday because food is supposed to be served fresh

Sourced Locally

Gourmet Pizza sources as much as we can locally working closely with farmers and producers we know and trust.  Along the way we’ve built some great relationships, it’s not just about buying for us, our suppliers are our partners and friends. We’ve worked long and hard together to produce some amazing products tailored specifically to our business including: our signature continental salad leaves, our unique sandwich boxes, exotic produce and veggies

Employee Happiness

At Gourmet Pizza we don’t just have staff, we are a family. Everyone who works here is super passionate about pizza and people and takes immense pride in delivering you the best service possible. We give them enough space to grow and develop; respect their perspective and point of view and encourage them to put their imprint on the company. We are all Gourmet Pizza Company and our success is the sum of all our hard work.


We care about this Abuja and our local community. We participate in local events and give back as much as possible through free food drives. We appreciate being able to share our passion for pizza with you all and this is our way of giving back to the city.